artisan farmstead salted butter

It's like eating happiness

Royal Guernsey butter tastes great and you can feel good about using it, too. This butter is special:

- Starts with fresh sweet cream direct from our family’s farm.

- Made using old-fashioned batch churning for fuller flavor.

- European style with high fat using a process that produces butter with a lower water content.

- Beta-carotene, nature’s own pigment, gives the butter its golden color and flavor definition.

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Our cows are read bedtime stories

Our butter will change your dinner table. Watch the video below to learn why.

The Royal Guernsey Difference

World's Finest Milk

Sisters Jen and Julie are seventh generation dairy farmers passionate about Guernsey cattle. Guernseys are known as the “Royal Breed” because of their reputation for producing the world’s finest milk with its golden hue. We got interested in making butter after becoming involved in a milk quality project for the American Guernsey Association. Talking to other dairy farmers processing milk from Guernsey cows lit our fire.


Farmstead Quality

Buying farmstead means you know exactly where the food comes from, how it is produced and that there is a person on the other end who cares. Our hands are on every step of the buttermaking process from growing the grass forages the cows eat to caring for the cows and harvesting their milk. Dairy farming is a labor of love that has spanned seven generations. We care deeply about the environment and its conservation. After all, it's where we live.


Exceptional Craftsmanship

There is an art to making beautiful butter. Royal Guernsey butter is slow churned using fresh cream from our family farm. High-quality cream yields butter with the best flavor, color and nutritional profile.

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