For sisters Julie and Jen Orchard, dairy farming is a labor of love that has spanned seven generations. Our Guernseys trace back 10+ generations to our grandfather’s “Happy Acres” herd. Everything we do is for the benefit of these beautiful animals.

It is the cows that make Royal Guernsey butter different. Guernseys are known as the “Royal Breed” because of their reputation for rich golden colored milk. These cows do not need specially formulated feed to achieve such premium quality. Their milk is pure and wholesome...naturally. One taste of this rich milk and you know it possesses something special. Through research we are learning more each day about the value of Guernsey’s golden milk.

A milk quality project for the American Guernsey Association started our value-added journey. After interviewing other farmers processing Guernsey milk, we were inspired. This was something we had to do. Guernsey milk is too valuable to be co-mingled with other milk and sold on the open market. 

So we went to work. Jen has always loved cooking and baking. Buttermaking combines her passion for the dairy industry with her love of food. She left a successful career in biotechnology to apprentice and earn her cheesemaker and buttermaker licenses. Jen learned from the industry’s best through time spent in Wisconsin creameries and educational training at the University of Wisconsin Food Science Department and Center for Dairy Research.

Julie brings a love for cows and marketing to the team. She has 20+ years of marketing experience working with clients in the field of animal health. Julie's favorite way to start the day is by greeting the Guernseys with head scratches and chin rubs. Cows are wonderful creatures that love affection and enjoy interactions with their caretakers. Julie’s love for cows and care has resulted in Gurn-Z Meadow Farm consistently winning state and national production awards. We know the better we care for our cows, the better they care for us.