We understand the importance of knowing about the food you eat. Ingredients matter to overall health and affect the world around us. Royal Guernsey butter only comes from our very own cows.

Everything we do is about taking care of our resources. We live here. It’s in our best interest to take care of our cattle and land.

Gurn-Z Meadow Farm resides with Bacon’s Rolling Acres in Columbus, Wisconsin, where Julie and Ed milk 120 cows and manage 800 acres of cropland. All the feed that the cows eat is grown here, with the exception of a custom vitamin and mineral mix and an energy pellet. We are committed to sustainable agriculture and collaborate with a team of agronomists and nutritionists to ensure the long-term health and vitality of the farm. 

We care deeply about the environment and its conservation. We are responsible stewards maintaining air quality, water quality and practicing soil conservation. We’ve been using no-tillage for more than 20 years. We’ve also incorporated grass waterways, diversified crop rotations, nutrient management, cover crops and barnyard runoff control into our management. Regular soil tests are taken with commercial fertilizer and manure applied based on an annual nutrient management plan. Our typical crop rotation includes wheat, corn, soybeans and three years of alfalfa.

Bill Orchard and Kathryn Orchard Morrow with their Guernsey calves in 1943

Generations of Guernseys

The Guernsey cows we milk today are descendants of our grandfather’s herd that he started in 1943. Our parents and grandparents put their whole life into building our herd of Guernseys and we're committed to carrying their legacy on.

Pictured here is our father, Bill, and his sister, Kathryn on our grandparents farm in Eagle, Wis.