Sweet and Spicy Radish Butter

Sweet and Spicy Radish Butter

Radish Butter

In spring, when radishes are sweet, crisp and fresh from the garden we only think of one thing to pair them with: butter and salt. We grew up eating radish sandwiches - flavorful sourdough bread slathered in butter, layered with crispy radishes, and topped with a heavy sprinkle of salt.

Our spring has been mild, but overnight temperatures kept our soil cold. We planted our cold-season garden vegetables, radishes, peas, carrots, onions, beets and lettuce in early April. Cold season crops can handle frosty mornings, and it took about two weeks for everything to germinate. Growth had been slow until these last two weeks when the soil temperatures warmed up, and the plants really took off.

This week we harvested our first batch of radishes and they are so sweet and crisp! We have a second succession of radishes that will be ready in about two more weeks. Getting radishes planted when nights are cool is the key to keeping them sweet and avoiding a sharp and spicy flavor.

Radish in the garden

We've enjoyed a few radish sandwiches this week and our Dad was excited when we sent him home one evening with a radish sandwich after he finished feeding the baby calves.

While we love a radish sandwich, we wanted to turn this classic pairing into a shareable spread - certain to make people talk at the neighborhood cookout - radish butter. Radishes served with sweet cream butter and crunchy salt brings together the sharpness of finely chopped radishes with the creamy richness of Royal Guernsey Creamery butter. This spread, perfect for bread or vegetable sticks, is not only delicious but also offers a unique blend of flavors that will elevate any appetizer platter. 

Radishes, with their crisp texture and peppery flavor, provide a refreshing contrast to the smooth, rich creaminess of Royal Guernsey Creamery butter. When combined, the two create a balanced flavor profile that is both satisfying and intriguing. The mild sweetness of our European-style, artisan butter mellows the sharpness of radishes, making each bite a harmonious blend of sweet, spicy, and savory.

The concept of pairing radishes with butter dates back to traditional French cuisine, where simple yet flavorful appetizers are a staple. In France, radishes are often served with a slather of butter and a sprinkle of sea salt, allowing the natural flavors of the ingredients to shine. This classic combination has inspired many variations, including our radish butter.

We used a food processor to quickly chop the radishes and then let them sit on paper towels for a few minutes to absorb any moisture. Mix them with softened butter, salt, and garnish with chives or the tops of green onions. Don't skip the garnish—it adds a great brightness to the spread. If you're looking for an extra kick add some horseradish.

Radish butter is versatile and can be served in various ways. Spread it on crusty bread for a simple yet sophisticated snack, or pair it with crackers for a quick and easy appetizer. It also makes a wonderful addition to a crudité platter, providing a burst of flavor to fresh vegetables like celery, carrots, and cucumbers.

Radish butter, made with Royal Guernsey Creamery butter, is a delightful blend of sharp radish flavor and creamy butter, creating a unique spread that is both sweet and spicy. Perfect for appetizers or snacks, this spread brings a touch of French culinary tradition to your table. Try making it at home with our easy recipe and enjoy the intriguing flavors of this classic pairing. 
Radish Butter Recipe
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