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Henning's Cheese

Pepper Jack Cheese

Pepper Jack Cheese

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Pepper Jack Cheese - A perfect balance of creamy richness and a slight jalapeño kick, pepper jack is ideal for those looking to add a bit of spice to their dishes. It complements enchiladas, soups, and stuffed peppers beautifully, melting into a smooth, velvety texture that elevates every bite. Whether you're looking to bring a bit of heat to your cooking or enjoy on a charcuterie board, this Pepper Jack will delight your palate and add an exciting twist to your favorite recipes. This cheese is always in Jen's cheese fridge (yup, she outgrew the cheese drawer and has a fridge dedicated solely to cheese).

Approximate weight: 1 lb

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk (MILK), peppers (jalapeño & habanero), salt, cultures, enzymes.

Henning’s Cheese - Kiel, Wis.
Since 1914, the Henning family has made cheese in Wisconsin. Cheddar is their specialty. They source milk from family dairy farms within a 30-mile radius of their creamery. Three-time Master Cheesemaker Kerry Henning is respected for his traditional techniques…but he’s revered worldwide for his artistry in crafting aged and cleverly flavored cheddars. 

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